Apr. 5th, 2011

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Hamimi_fk - I think your accidental deletion of large bodies of text is contagious. I was just doing that meme you posted, and I clicked a bookmarked tab at the top of my browser by accident, and lost it all! -sigh- Not as bad as losing a story, I know, but still. -_-'' I'll probably end up doing it again in a bit.

So, a bit of writing talk.... aka bitching, something I do quite well.

I always get seized with half-ideas. Some kind of vivid image, a mood, a theme, a song, whatever. Sometimes, it will get a little more detailed as I really think about it, or begin to write. So I'll have a premise, a bit of action, a bit of direction. But I have such a problem forming a fully thought-out plot. A beginning, a middle, and an end. And so, every story gets stuck somewhere, and I'm just like... err... x_x And I just stare at the document, typing a word or two and then furiously pressing backspace.

I hate it. I want to push these pieces to go somewhere, but I don't want it to be contrived. And, as I've previously mentioned, I for some reason have this mental block against just shutting my mind off and writing. I don't want to write paragraphs and paragraphs about crap where characters dilly-dally in some room with their thumbs up their asses, making bullshit conversation and doing inane things because I myself don't actually know what the hell is going on.

I have so many incomplete projects in my writing folder, and there are some I'm really passionate about. For instance, my zombie piece (well... more of a lesbian romance infused with bdsm and magical realism). I like its current prose style, which is a bit more dreamy and poetic than my other pieces, because that style just happens to fit the content the most. I like what I have so far - it's on point, nothing seems superfluous... it's good. My two main characters just walked into a bar... and... that's it. As far as I know, they've still just entered, and are standing around tapping their feet and waiting, much like video game characters do when you drop the controller to go get a snack and end up forgetting about the game for hours because you're stuffing your face on everything in the world... um... not that that's ever happened to me or anything. >_>''

I always wait for bursts of inspiration. I always think, ok, as I fall asleep tonight, I will stumble across an ingenious idea as I'm drifting into a hypnagogic dream state. Or, I vow to come up with an idea in the shower, a hot and steamy thinking tank that will facilitate literary revelations. But I always just end up ruminating on something dumb for ten minutes until I realize I've done no productive thinking whatsoever.

Very annoying. I've tried outlining, but I've never been the outlining sort, even with school papers. Perhaps that has spoiled me because I've always kicked ass on academic papers, without fail, but just because that works for me (which I'm sure I won't be getting away with forever, when I eventually have to write a dissertation and things like that), that doesn't mean I can wing it completely when it comes to my creative writing.

Hm... anyway... that rant was longer than expected. Perhaps I should focus my ranting energy into making my stories go somewhere. That might be wise. :]

In other, unrelated news: My cat pooped on the floor last night because his litter box was full (my fault, I'm negligent, shame on me), and for some reason, got it all over his belly and his ear. His ear. Why his ear? I don't know. So I had to bathe him in the sink, and even though he was adorable once it was over, all scruffy and damp, I felt terrible because he was struggling to get out, and I could feel his heart beating so fast the whole time. And I never wash him, ever - this was the first time. I don't tell others what to do with their pets, every animal is different, but I see no point in bathing my cat. He doesn't like water, does fine cleaning himself, and always smells great. But this was necessary... I mean... he was smeared with poo all over. I don't think he should be licking that off of himself.

Apparently he has forgiven me because I woke up this morning to find him lying by my feet, and he purred loudly while I pet him. He warms my soul.

Edit: Okay, meme time. Yep, I'm that bored. Didn't take me too long to get back to it.

First, choose 10-15 pairings/threesomes/whatever. Then, put your mp3/ipod/music library on shuffle and match the first song with the first pairing, etc. down the line. (Optional - Include fitting lyrics from the song for the pairing!)

I skipped the song with no lyrics because I wanted to include lyrics. Other than that, I made do with what I had, promise.

onwards to meme )


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