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Basically obsessed with Pretty Lights lately.

I'm kind of high. Had to scrape the resin off not one, but two bowls. (lol, wrote balls). Ridiculous. That was really annoying.

Pretty Lights is so good. This song fucking rules.


I'm trying to write in this thing more often. I'm also, for once, trying to force myself to keep writing. So like... just typing, even though I honestly don't think I have anything worth saying at the moment. That's why the past few sentences have been total bullshit. At this point, if you're still reading, you probably feel like you've wasted five hours of your life. Yup. Your life is wasting away as you read these nonsensical, meaningless sentences...

Whoa, those were like, meta-sentences. Sentences about writing sentences. Grammarception. O_o

Lol. WTF is wrong with me. I'm usually not the kind of noob who types like a retard while high (actually that might not be true but I'm swinging with it), but that resin, plus being drunk, made me pretty high. Actually that must be it. The drunk part is making me dumb enough to write all my retarded high shit. I've figured it out! I feel like a scientist.



-clears throat-

Serious business time. This is serious town.

I'm sort of typing to the beat. I can hear the words with the music. It's pretty sweet.

So, uh. Yeah. I don't know. I'm chilling at Tom's. Will probably play Mass Effect in a bit. He's online like... doing stuff. Going to play this game called Supreme Commander 2 with his friend Matt in a bit. It's a strategy RPG. Which is pretty cool. Strategy games are like, Age of Empirea games. I used to play the shit out of that. I loved Age of Empires.

I really want to fucking make a video. Tom, his two cousins, and I have been talking about making games during the last few family functions. His one cousin wants to go for political warfare, warring nations, shit like that. I think it sounds fucking awesome. I could do the characters, the dialogue. It would be so sick. We know enough people that know programming. It could be a low-budget RPG, kind of retro on the graphics and shit, but totally awesome in terms of story and how the strategy is employed. You don't need sick graphics for good game play in a turn-based RPG. I love those fucking games.

Maybe I'll play Persona 2: Innocent Sin in a bit.

Whoa, some chick is rapping in this song. She sounds hot.


Ok, he's being mean, saying he's gonna spoil Breaking Bad for me. He knows he's gonna watch it before I do because Tom and I have been procrastinating hardcore with the season premieres in shows lately (Mad Men and Game of Thrones). CURSE YOU WUGY. CURSE YOU.

Alright. This fucking stupid weird entry has gone on long enough. I am a psychotic melon. G'day/night. -tips hat-


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